Pipes and Roads

Since our establishment in 1990, Ley Choon has undertaken and completed a wide range of Underground Utilities Infrastructure projects for Public Utilities Board, PowerGas, Singtel, Jurong Town Corporation and Land Transport Authority.
In Singapore, underground water, gas and sewer pipes vary in materials, sizes and/or pressure specifications. Different categories of underground water, gas and sewer pipes require different expertise, skillsets and specialised equipment. We are one of the few companies in Singapore that are well equipped with wide-ranging in-house expertise, skillsets and specialised equipment to effectively construct, maintain and rehabilitate underground water, gas and sewer pipes of different sizes, materials and pressure specifications.
For underground water pipes, we have laid and maintained pipes as small as 15 mm diameter and as large as 2.2 m diameter. For gas pipes, we have installed and maintained low, medium and high pressure gas pipes ranging from 50 mm low pressure polyethylene pipes to 600 mm high pressure steel pipes. For sewer pipeline rehabilitation projects, we have the ability to rehabilitate sewer pipes with diameters ranging from 110 mm up to 3 m employing trenchless technology.
We also have wide-ranging in-house expertise and skillsets required for a wide range of electricity cable laying projects, including and up to 22 kilovolt high tension electricity cables.
The Group also undertakes the business of construction, extension and maintenance services for roads, airfield taxiways and aprons. We have undertaken airfield resurfacing work at Changi Airport and airfield taxiway and aprons construction at Seletar Airport.

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