Hydraulic Excavator Operation (As Lifting Machine)
Excavator Operator Course
Excavator Operator Course

Welcome to the Hydraulic Excavator Operations (As Lifting Machine) Training course. This program is conducted by Ley Choon Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd BCA Approved Training and Testing Centre.


The 6 key learning outcomes and associated content are set out below:

  • PS1: Distinguish the various hydraulic excavator models commonly employed in the construction sector.
  • PS2: Recognize the key elements comprising a hydraulic excavator.
  • PS3: Describe the purposes of safety mechanisms and indicators installed on the hydraulic excavator.
  • PS4: Execute the prescribed manual signals and communication methods for operating a hydraulic excavator.
  • PS5: Adhere to proper operational protocols and safety measures.
  • PS6: Analyze Lifting Plans and undertake necessary preparations before engaging in lifting activities.
  • PS7: Review the load indicator monitor and understand warning signs for effective interpretation.

Please refer to Course Fees & Registration for more details on the excavator operator course fees, duration and registration.