Construction Materials

As one of only five asphalt premix plant operators in Singapore, the Group's asphalt premix plant complements our Pipes and Roads businesses. Asphalt premix is an essential raw material required for the construction and maintenance of roads and airfield, as well as the road resurfacing needs for the Underground Utilities Infrastructure construction and maintenance sector. The plant is capable of producing different formulations of asphalt premixes in accordance to customer’s specifications, up to 400 metric tons per hour. In addition, with up to 1,000 metric tons of storage silos for the finished product, we strive to ensure continuous supply of asphalt premix for our customers and projects.
Our plant operates on natural gas (which is a more environmentally friendly fuel of choice) and we are one of the first asphalt premix plants in Singapore to incorporate built-in recycling features to recycle milled waste and used asphalt pavement recovered from road resurfacing projects which contribute to a greener environment.
To further integrate the Group’s operations and improve cost effectiveness, we have also set up a construction waste recycling plant. As our business activities generate huge quantities of recyclable construction wastes, our construction waste recycling plant allows us to recycle these construction wastes into recycled aggregates. The recycled aggregates are then transported back to the site for re-use as backfilling materials.

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