Workforce Training and Upgrading (WTU)
What is it?
The Workforce Training and Upgrading Scheme co-funds the costs of selected skills assessment and training courses to upgrade the skills of workforce in the built environment.
Who is it for?
Firms in the construction sector with local or foreign workforce who meet the qualifying criteria may apply to the Scheme for funding support for training courses and assessment approved by BCA.
How Much?
Types of supportable courses Funding support
(a) Familiarisation course and skills assessment for CoreTrade registration * Up to 90%
(b) Training and skills evaluation for the second SEC(K) certification leading to qualification of Multi-Skilling. ** Up to 40%

Qualifying Criteria for Types (a) & (b) courses

For local participants (i.e. Participants who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents):

  • Achieved at least 75% course attendance rate; and
  • Sat for the assessments
Note: For a particular course, if SDF funding is applicable, the participants should tap on the SDF.

For foreign participants:

  • Must possess at least 4 years of construction experience in Singapore;
  • Achieved at least 75% course attendance rate; and
  • Sat for and pass the assessments.