Ley Choon Training Center aka BCA's Approved Training & Testing Centre(ATTC) was formed in May 2011

It provides a platform for the workers internally and externally to enrich themselves with the knowledge and practical operation of the machines in the trade. It allows one to move from a basic skilled worker to a registered Coretrade tradesmen or Multi-Skilled worker specializing in specific trade.

As workers who have successfully passed this course, they obtain a skill upgrade and at the same time allows their employer to enjoy a lower levy rate deduction of up to $400 (e.g. from the initial of $750/month per Basic Skilled foreign worker to $300/month as a Higher Skilled worker).

Sector Dependency Ceiling (DC) Worker category Monthly *Daily
Construction 1 local full-time worker to 7 Foreign Workers Higher Skilled (1) and on MYE 300 9.87
Basic Skilled (2) and on MYE 700 23.02
Higher Skilled, Experienced and exempted from MYE (3) 600 19.73
Basic Skilled, Experienced and exempted from MYE (3) 950 31.24

Conveniently located and easily accessible via MRT, transportation is provided to shuttle candidates between Yew Tee MRT Station and our Training Centre located at L/P 21 Jalan Lekar. Classes for our ever-popular Hydraulic Excavator Operation courses are conducted from 8am to 5pm, on Mondays to Saturdays.

Our experienced trainers are always on hand to address the needs of each and every candidate. Patient and dedicated, they work hard to help candidates overcome their challenges and to achieve good results.

Theoretical Lessons Theoretical Lessons
Practical Lessons Practical Lessons
Practical Test conducted by BCA Practical Test conducted by BCA
Marking & Pegging Marking & Pegging
Pipe Jacking Pipe Jacking
Track Shovel Track Shovel
Bulldozer Bulldozer
Excavator Loader Excavator Loader