Welcome to Ley Choon Group Holdings Limited
Ley Choon Group of Companies is an established one-stop Underground Utilities Infrastructure Construction and Road Works service provider.
Our Services include:
Underground Utilities Infrastructure Construction & Maintenance Services: Laying and repairs of water pipes, Replace or divert Potable and/or NEWater mains, High-pressure gas pipes,High-voltage power cables,Fibre optic cables,Sewer pipeline rehabilitation
Road & Airfield Pavement Construction & Maintenance Services: Supply and laying of graded stone, Cement treated base, Milling and laying of asphalt premix
Construction Materials Supply Services: Production of asphalt premix, Recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste
Our Major Tender Heads (Building & Construction Authority – BCA):

1) CR07 – Cable/Pipe Laying & Road Reinstatement
L6 Registered Contractor (Highest Grade & Unlimited Value)
2) CW02 – Civil Engineering
A1 Registered Contractor (Highest Grade & Unlimited Value)
3) CR14 - Asphalt Works & Road Marking
L6 Registered Contractor (Highest Grade & Unlimited Value)